Point Spread or the Moneyline



The point spread in the NBA is the most popular bet to make, but, pretty much, every sportsbook will have the moneyline odds for a game as well. OK, so if that is the case what is the best way to go when betting on the NBA, the point spread or the moneyline? Well, that will depend on a few things that we will take a look at.

The difference between the point spread and the moneyline is that in the point spread you will be getting points for the underdog and giving points as the favorite. So if the line has the Bulls -3 over the Pistons the Bulls are basically giving three points to them, as the Pistons will have to lose by fewer than four points for the bet to be a winning one. In a moneyline bet there is a favorite and underdog, but rather than giving or getting points the line is inflated to show the underdog and the favorite. In a moneyline bet you are simply choosing one team to win or lose, but with inflated odds.

Inflated odds in a moneyline bet will shot the favorite, designated by the –, and the underdog designated by the +. So a line could look like Bulls -140 Pistons +130 and you will have to bet $140 on the Bulls to make a $100 and bet $100 to win $130 on the Pistons. As you can see the payout for the Pistons is better, but that is because they are the underdog and you will not be getting any points.

The point spread vs. moneyline bet simply comes out to the payout, as in a point spread you will be getting nearly 2/1 odds while in a moneyline bet you can make more betting on the underdog. Let’s say you think a game is a sure thing where the heavily favored Warriors are at -900 and the Magic are at $750. The Warriors are the big time favorite, but you will have to bet $900 in order to make only $100. If there is a big upset people that took the moneyline for the Warriors will not be happy campers.

The best time to use a moneyline instead of a point spread can be for small underdogs. The reason for this is that they are not HUGE underdogs so sportsbooks do not put heavy lines on them and the payout for them in a moneyline bet will be more than in a point spread bet if they win the game. It is a fact that in NBA betting small underdogs that cover often actually win the game.

If you think a pretty heavy underdog will actually win a game then the moneyline can be good bet, as the payout will be significant. On the other side of the coin that dog will have to win, as you will not be getting points. That is why sometimes it is a good idea to take the point spread, as you have a little cushion in getting or giving points.

The profit can be bigger when making a moneyline bet on an underdog, but on the other side of the coin you have to bet more to win less betting on a favorite and if they do lose your bankroll will take a hit.

The point spread is also the safer bet when not handicapping games, as the public loves betting the favorite and sportsbooks know this. Because of this there odds are skewed a tad, but just by looking at the spread you can see where most of the money is being bet.

As you can see there are advantages of betting on the NBA point spread or moneyline. The moneyline can be a riskier bet to take, but the payout can be greater when betting on the underdog. Also, it is risker if you bet on the favorite, betting more money, since they obviously do not always win.