Parlay Betting



A NBA parlay bet is one where you are making one single bet with multiple games. You can bet as little as two games in a parlay bet and while the payout is significantly higher the chances of winning are lower since you will have to win all the games in the parlay in order to win the bet. The more games that you bet in a NBA parlay bet the more your payout will be.

Let’s say you see three games that you have done some handicapping on and that you think you can win. Sure, you can bet them individually and get a decent payout if they all win, but if you parlay them into one bet the payout can be much greater. You will be playing with the spread in a parlay bet so all of the teams have to cover for the bet to be a winning one. Even if you make a 10-team parlay and the first nine bets win, but the 10th loses the bet is still a loser.

You do not only have to bet the spread in NBA parlay betting, but you can also bet the total. You can also mix the two if you would like. An example of this in a NBA parlay bet would be taking the Knicks to cover by three over the Heat, the Lakers to cover by four covering the Jazz, and betting that the total of the Cavaliers vs. Warriors game will go over the posted total. There are a lot of options in parlay betting, as you can wager and mix any games that have a spread and a total.

One of the things you should be aware of, in terms of a NBA parlay bet, is a push in a game. Let’s say that you make a four game parlay bet and the first three games are winners. In the 4th game you took the Bulls as a three-point favorite facing the Clippers. The Bulls win the game 100-97, so the game is a push. In this example you would simply take that game out and your new bet is a three-team parlay. Obviously, you will not get the four-team parlay bet odds, but your bet is still a winning one with a solid payout. Every time you have a push in a parlay bet you simply take that game out, as it is not a loser or a winner and you will lose your parlay bet because of it.

The NBA parlay bet is a very exciting and possibly very lucrative one. It is a high-risk high-reward bet, as you have to win every game in the parlay for it to pay out.

Just like any other NBA bet a little handicapping can really help you out. This is especially the case in a parlay bet. Let’s say you handicap some games and see three you really think will win you can make it a parlay for a better payout. Another reason a parlay bet is a solid one is that it will not cost you as much money, as you are simply making one single bet.