NBA Totals Bet



The NBA totals bet is a very popular one and also a very easy one to understand. In this bet you are simply wagering on whether you think the total number of points in a game scored by both teams will be over or under the posted total by the sportsbook. The totals bet is also known as the Over/Under bet.

Here is an example of a NBA totals bet:

Golden State Warriors vs. Oklahoma City Thunder – Total 214

In this example 214 is the total put out by the sportsbook on the game and you are wagering Over or Under that number. If you wager on the Over the two teams will have to combine for more than 214 points to win the bet and if you bet the Under then the two teams have to combine for less than 214 points to win the bet. It’s that easy.

Many times you will see a .5 after the total number and obviously you can’t score a point in basketball. If you see a .5 after the total number than it is impossible that the bet will be a push. In the example above let’s say you wager on the Over and the final score in the game is Warriors 108 Thunder 106. The total number of points scored is 214, which is exactly the total number put out by the books. In this situation you will not win or lose, but it is a push and you will get your original wager back. The .5 after the total number means there is no way the bet can be a push.

In a total bet you are typically paid 2-1, so if you made a total bet for $20 on the Over and the bet went Over you will win $40, maybe a tad less for the small amount the book makes on the bet. The sportsbooks will put out the number to try to get even money bet on the game.

You can handicap a totals bet and like any bet handicapping is always a good idea. The sportsbook will know info on the game, but you can still get an edge with the more information on the game that you are armed with. The total put out by the sportsbook will reflect the teams playing in the game. If there are a couple of high-scoring teams that are not good on defense the total will be set high. Conversely, if a couple of low-scoring teams that are solid on defense are playing the total will be set low.

There are some things that you should check out in terms of handicapping when it comes to the NBA total bet. Check out what type of teams are playing in a match up and how they stack up against each other in terms of offense and defense. Look at the past few match ups between the two teams and if they went Over or Under more often. It is also key to look at O/U records for the season and a team’s last few games to see if they are lighting it up or struggling to score buckets. Player injuries will also have a bearing on the totals bet, as if a big scorer is out or a defensive stopper than the odds will reflect that.