First and Second Half Betting



First half and second half betting is very popular these days and can also be very exciting. This type of bet is exactly like a typical spread and totals bet, but you are betting on the outcome of the first half or second half. There are also sportsbooks that will have quarter betting as well, especially for the first quarter.

Here is an example of a first half bet.

L.A. Clippers -4 / Utah Jazz +4 O/U 102

In this bet the Clippers are the favorite for the half and have to be ahead by more than 4 points to win the bet and the Jazz have to be winning or down by fewer than four points to win the bet. If you bet on the Clippers and the score at halftime is Clippers 48 Jazz 44 the spread is -4, so the bet is a push and you will get your original wager back. This is why you will see a .5 after many spreads, as it takes the push out of the equation.

The halftime total bet is the same as, in the example above, you will wager if you think the total number of points will be over or under the set total of 102. If the game is Clippers 50 Jazz 51 at the half the Under would be the winning bet, as the total of 101 is under tot set total of 102, and the Over would be the losing bet.

Second half betting is much the same as first half betting, but they are only available during the half, so you do not have a lot of time to make the wager. The sportsbook will see the game and the flow in terms of the spread and the total and then post the bets shortly after the half is over.

Second half betting can be very exciting and if you are watching the game and have a feel for how the outcome will be then you are at an advantage. Take your projected outcome and then check the spread and total for the second half and make your pick.

The second half bet can also be handicapped beforehand, as a team you want to bet on may be a stronger one in the second half. Also, some other things to look for, besides how a team is playing on offense and defense, can be how key individual players are performing and if any are in foul trouble. Like other NBA bets the sportsbooks will also be aware of this information and post odds accordingly, but sometimes you can get the edge on a book when looking at these aspects of a game.