Betting Options



When it comes to NBA betting options you have quite a few of them. Here are some betting options for NBA games.  

The Point Spread

The point spread is the most popular NBA bet and in a game there will be a favorite, signified by the – in front of the number and the underdog signified by the + in front of the number. An example of a NBA point spread would be:

Bulls -3

Hawks +3

In this example if you bet on the Bulls they have to win by more than four points to win the bet and if you bet on the Hawks they have to either win or lose by fewer than four points. In using the example above if the Bulls win 100-97 that is by exactly three points, which is the spread. In this case the game is a push and you get your original wager back. This is why you will see a .5 after a number, as it takes the push out of the equation.

Totals Bet

The totals bet, also called the Over/Under bet, is easy to understand. A sportsbook will put out a number on the total number of points scored in the game for both teams. So if a total for the Warriors vs. Thunder game is 209 and the final score of the game is Warriors 110 Thunder 105 the total is 215 so the Over would be the winning bet and the Under would be the losing one. There are also player totals where you can bet on if a player will score Over or Under the amount posted by the sportsbook.

Halftime / 2nd Half Betting

The halftime bet and the 2nd half bet are the same as the point spread and totals bet, but you are betting on the spread or total for the first and 2nd half. For 2nd half betting you only have the halftime to make the wager, as right after the half is over the sportsbook will put out new lines for the 2nd half.

Parlay Betting

Parlay betting is betting on two or more teams in a single bet. You can make a parlay bet for the spread, total, and a mix of both as well. In a parlay bet you two or more games and the more games that you bet in the parlay the higher the payout will be. All of the games you pick in the parlay have to win for it to be a winning one. Even if you make a nine-game parlay and you lose one game the bet is still a loser. If one game is a push than you take that game out of the parlay.


A futures bet is just what the name implies, as you are betting on a team on how they do in the future. In a couple of examples you can bet on the Bulls to win the NBA title or the Lakers to win the Western Conference. Typically for a futures bet you are betting on a team to win the title, conference or division. You can make the bet before the season or during as well, but the odds will change depending on how that team is performing.

The odds that you get at the time you make the futures bet are the ones you are locked in with no matter if they change throughout the season. Typically for a futures bet you can get the best payout odds before the season begins, especially when betting on a long shot.